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Winter Newsletter 2017

Our latest Newsletter can be read or downloaded from 2017-12 Winter Newsletter Thank you for all your amazing support through out the year.  


Whose responsibility is it anyway? Responding to Homelessness

Homelessness is on the increase both nationally and on a local level. Increasingly we are seeing more people sleeping on the streets, but there are so many more hidden away. “How many people sleep rough each night? According to the latest figures, collected in the autumn of 2016 and published in January 2017, 4,134 people are estimated […]

Spring Newsletter 2017

Hi here is our latest Newsletter, if you would like to be added to our mailing list please drop us a line using the contact form 2017-02 – Spring Newsletter


We don’t want to be a party pooper………but

The guests have gone, time to put you feet up, catch up on that new book, put in the DVD, what will I do choices, choices. I’ll just pop in the kitchen and get myself a drink. The fridge is  full, what am I going to do with that left over food…. Quite often at […]


This was the only thing that I could give him last Christmas

Often we don’t hear of the difference we make But this is one lady’s story who contributed to the Foodbank last week “This time last year I came to the Foodbank in a desperate situation, I had been housed in temporary accommodation with my son and had very little. As well as the food parcel […]


Foodbank: Pot Noodles and Cup a Soup. Really?

There are many reasons that someone would ask for support from a Foodbank, and many people are only one or two significant life events away. In the Wellingborough & District Foodbank we provide an emergency supply of 3 days food, but there are a variety of packs required. Each pack is made up to accommodate […]


Winter Newsletter 2016

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Brrr it was chilly this morning. Sleeping bag appeal

 Your donation could save a life. Keeping warm is  a necessity, but many of the people who use the Daylight Centre are faced with sleeping in the cold each night. There are arrangements for temporary overnight shelter if the temperature is forecast to drop to 0 degrees or below for 3 consecutive nights, but this does […]


Winter Warmers

It‘s cold outside The temperature is  dropping and demand for Woolly Hats, Scarves and Gloves has gone through the roof. Please help us to keep people warm this winter. For details of where to donate