Wellingborough Charity Thanks Volunteers

The announcement that the Borough Council of Wellingborough has agreed to a Community Asset Transfer of Daylight Centre premises this month has been widely welcomed across the community. Treasurer and Trustee, James Bellamy, said ‘This is great news for the charity. We have adapted our foodbank services during the lockdown to a delivery rather than a collection service thanks to the ongoing support of so many of our volunteers. This Community Asset Transfer enables us to move forward with our plans to adapt and provide the services that our clients need to enable them to find appropriate accommodation, expert support and ensure that they have food. ’

Since lockdown started, the charity has delivered over 1600 food bank parcels to beneficiary’s doors and reports an increase in the food parcel requirements this year by 37%. This equates to more than 6.3 tonnes of redistributed food going out to people in need in the community. In addition, a hot ready meal and snack pack service to the housed homeless and others in accommodation, often without cooking facilities, was launched and from April to June nearly 4,000 hot meals have been delivered to 11 emergency housed homeless venues across Wellingborough. In May a new service, supporting families with a ready meal that can be cooked at home, from referrals to the foodbank, has delivered 1,145 meals to 44 different families.

‘None of this would be possible without our staff and volunteers doing what has been necessary to ensure we could meet the needs of our clients in the best way possible, given the restrictions,’ said James. ‘I cannot begin to thank them enough for their help. Daylight relies on people who freely give their time and energy.’

In addition the charity has extended its fund-raising and looked at new models for finding those items for the food parcels, which was especially difficult during times when some food staples were hard to find. One support group has had 18 village collection hubs for the Centre generating 11,780 items in 10 weeks and raising over £1,000.

‘People are generous in Wellingborough and want to look out for those in need, and this confirms that’ commented Rachel Mallows MBE, Chair of the Trustees. ‘Our charity shop hopes to open soon and this was widely supported by the community. We are also opening a new foodbank warehouse so that we can store the food that we anticipate we will need for this year and into winter, so donations of food and funds are most welcome.’

For more information about The Daylight Centre please see their website www.DaylightCF.org or contact 01933 446490.

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