We don’t want to be a party pooper………but

party-foodThe guests have gone, time to put you feet up, catch up on that new book, put in the DVD, what will I do choices, choices. I’ll just pop in the kitchen and get myself a drink. The fridge is ¬†full, what am I going to do with that left over food….

Quite often at DCF we are asked whether we can take left over party food to help feed hungry people. Sadly the answer is no. Why not?

Once food has been prepared it has to be stored at the correct temperatures and also we have to be able to tell people the contents of food because of advice on allergies and intolerances. The only way of ensuring this is for the food we supply to be prepared in our kitchen and/or to be in its original packaging.

We are grateful for all your donations, but please ensure that everything is in date and the packaging is not opened or damaged. Thank you for your understanding.

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