how do support agencies make a referral to the Wellingborough & District Foodbank?

  • Consider the Criteria for the Foodbank to see if your client is eligible for a food parcel. If you consider that your client is eligible, decide which parcel is most suitable - how many people are in the household: single parcel, double parcel or family parcel.
  • If a Vegetarian or Halal or other special diet parcel is required or special items such as a tin opener, baby food, pet food, toiletries or sanitary products are needed, please note all of these on the back of the voucher.
  • Note the name of the client(s) and the date the voucher was given on the ‘sign out’ sheet. Give the voucher and the address of the pick-up point to your client and ensure that they know where it is and when to pick up their parcel.
  • Ask them to sign the sheet to confirm they have received the voucher and explain they will need to sign for the food parcel at the pick-up point.
  • If your client has a particular special need that may prevent them from getting to the pick-up point, please contact the Foodbank to discuss options. Lack of transport will not be considered a special need.
  • The client named on the voucher must be the person who collects the parcel unless the referring agency has fore-warned us and agreed otherwise.