do i qualify for a food parcel?

Eligibility criteria

Our only discrimination is genuine need. The decision as to whether a client is eligible for a food parcel is a matter for the Foodbank coordinator, or volunteers assisting the coordinator.

A person in need will usually go to one of the organisations that we call our ‘referral agencies’. These agencies all apply the same checks or criteria. If the agency agrees that the criteria are met, one of our vouchers is completed for the person to bring to the Foodbank. If you have questions about being eligible, please contact us directly.

The key points are:

  • The client should be known to, or registered with, the agency, so that their support workers have direct knowledge about the situation.
  • The client has made a request for support and is in genuine need of a food parcel.
  • The client lives in the Wellingborough District. Other foodbanks serve other areas.

Examples of why a client may require a food parcel include:

  • Change of employment status and/or loss of job
  • Issues with benefit payment (stopped, delayed, changed)
  • Temporary financial stress (large bills, e.g. Payment to utilities)
  • Social or relationship difficulties (e.g. Partner leaving, breakdown of family/support network)
  • Fleeing from domestic abuse
  • Health problems (family illness – client prevented from making regular food shop)

But there are also other valid reasons which can be taken into consideration.

Foodbank may ask for evidence and I.D. We may need to call the benefit office/outside agency to gain extra information. 
Foodbank staff can refuse to give a food parcel if they feel they do not have enough evidence or need further information.

Please note – our policy is that a client can receive just FIVE food parcels in one year. With advice and help, the crisis should be over within this time.

Where and how do I obtain a voucher?

If you are currently meeting with one of the referral agencies, they will know your situation, and will be able to issue you a Foodbank voucher if you are eligible - and possibly give help and advice.

If you are not in touch with one of these agencies, we suggest you try them first. You may find their help useful.

During the Foodbank opening times, vouchers can be redeemed. Please note however members of staff are unavailable to discuss your situation or issue vouchers. 

Foodbank may offer a hot meal at the centre 4 days a week (free) if that would help.