what is the Wellingborough & District Foodbank?

The Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in Wellingborough and District who are in crisis. The aim of the Foodbank is to provide people in proven need with basic food and other essential items for a short time until the crisis is resolved or until the appropriate agencies are in a position to assist.

The food which we distribute is donated by many individuals and local organisations; churches, temples and mosques, schools, the public at supermarkets, local businesses and other local groups.

It is checked, sorted, dated and “banked” at the Foodbank. Most of the food is in tins, bottles or packets. We are sometimes given fresh food which must be used that day, so there may be fresh food available but we cannot guarantee that.

When a client brings a voucher (see 'Do I Qualify?'), he or she will usually be offered enough food for three meals a day for three days. If the voucher is for a family, there will be more food of course.

If a client has only a kettle to prepare a meal, we try to give food which can be made just with a kettle, which is why we ask what cooking facilities a client has, if any and whether it is a microwave, kettle, or cooker.

If they have no cooking appliance, that is a real challenge, but we can still find suitable food.

Also, if there are special diets or foods which need to be avoided, we will try to give the correct food.

The food and goods in each ‘food parcel’ have been donated by local people to give you a helping hand at this difficult time. This food is given in good faith, is ‘in date’, and is in good condition on leaving the Wellingborough and District Foodbank.

It is not for resale.

We are totally dependent on these donations from our supporters, without them we could not help the hungry and support so many people who are in a crisis. In many cases, a single ‘parcel’ is enough, but sometimes our help is required for a bit longer.

Not only do we provide food and essential toiletries, we may be able to help with budgeting and spending, trying to sort out the client’s problems with them. We have use of a telephone and the internet, and we have good contacts with other sources of help and advice.

Each client matters to us and we try to show sensitivity on a one to one basis, always being very careful to show respect with strict confidentiality.

The Wellingborough and District Foodbank is managed by Daylight Centre Fellowship in partnership with local faith groups, individuals and others partners. Northamptonshire County Council provided some ‘start up’ support.