Foodbank: Pot Noodles and Cup a Soup. Really?

There are many reasons that someone would ask for support from a Foodbank, pot-noodleand many people are only one or two significant life events away. In the Wellingborough & District Foodbank we provide an emergency supply of 3 days food, but there are a variety of packs required. Each pack is made up to accommodate family size and what cooking appliances the family or person has if any. The packs we supply are

  • Full Cooking Facilities
  • Microwave only
  • Kettle only (many  people housed in Bed and Breakfast Accommodation only have access to a kettle in their room
  • Rough Sleeper pack (no cooking facilities at all)

When you see us post on social media our urgent needs, you will often see items that on the face of it do not appear very nutritious.

We do try to provide the most balanced pack we can and the other items are drawn from our existing stock.

During 2016 we have seen many people accessing the Foodbank who have limited or no cooking facilities



and at other times people who do have a cooker but cannot afford to pay to put credit on their utilities such as electricity or gas.

We are also asked whether we accept and give away fresh fruit and vegetables and staple foods such as bread. The simple answer is yes and we would welcome your donations, please remember the longer the shelf life the better.

Within our facilities we do not have space for chiller cabinets and so we cannot take items that need to be kept at an ambient temperature, such as yogurt, cheese etc.

Do we really need noodles and cup a soup?  Sadly yes we do, this helps us to continue to reach out to people in the most desperate of circumstances.



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