DCF News Spring 2018


DCF NewsSpring 2018

Welcome to our latest newsletter. As you can see it is in a new format and we hope that you like it.

Day Centre & Client Support Services
Monday to Thursday 10:30 am to 1:30 pm (ex Bank Holidays)
Foodbank : Monday to Friday
2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for collections. (ex Bank Holidays)

Donations can be made Monday to Friday between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm.(ex Bank Holidays)


A day in the Life of our Centre Coordinator, Viv

There is a common misconception that we are only working between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm when the Daycentre is open to clients, so we asked Viv to give us a break down of her typical day.

8:45 Pick up some groceries for the kitchen from the supermarket on the way to work.
9:05 Arrive at work, check emails/answerphone messages
9:10 Put laundry in the tumble drier
9:15 Check and record the temperatures of all the fridges and freezers
9:20 Receive phone call from a kitchen volunteer apologising that they cannot make it today. So in the kitchen again!
9:30 Put on apron & start cooking as the other volunteers arrive
9:50 Answer door to a regular donor of food for the Foodbank and help unload their car.
10:00 Advise Foodbank support volunteers of what needs to be done today
10:30 The doors open to the clients in the Day Centre.Make hot drinks whilst continuing food preparation
11:00 Answer back door to someone donating clothing. Take clothing to sorting room in other building,
11:30 Start serving meals
12:00 Washing up duty!
1:00 Finish service, wash up serving utensils and dishes, clean all surfaces, clean cooker and finally empty and clean the dishwasher.
1:30 Day Centre closes. A short break and a cup of tea with the rest of the staff.
1:45 Answer back door to someone with a query regrading Foodbank vouchers.
1:50 Talk to Foodbank volunteers about what is needed for this afternoon’s session
2:00 Food bank opens
2:10 Cash up this morning’s takings
2:30 Enter today’s statistics on the computer, Answer emails and phone messages
4:00 Foodbank Closes. Enter details from the voucher on the computer
4:30 Put dirty laundry in the washing machine
4:45 Lock up and leave.Another day is done!

Client Support Services changes

We have been conscious for some time that our Client Support Service had to change to give a better experience.

When we open at 10:30 am the first 6 people that ask for support will be given a ticket and will be seen on a first come first served basis.

If they are not in the first 6 people, they may take an appointment number, but we will not guarantee to see them that day. They can either wait or choose to come back another day or try another service in town.

Snap shot of the last few months

Top left: New layout in Queens Hall
Top right: Another delivery of tins from Wellingborough Homes
Bottom left: Foodbank still operates during the worst of the weather
Bottom Right: Revamped shop and resource area.

Saying hello

Walking through the doors for the first time, is one of the hardest things to do. Our Welcome and Befriending team are here to help. So don’t worry about the registration form; our team will help you complete it and make you feel at home.

Support comes in many ways

Have you ever wondered why Chicken is so often on the DCF menu? A national chain which prefers to remain anonymous, donates their chicken that is left over at the end of the service. It is fast frozen and then we collect every two weeks. If you have not tasted Pat & Viv’s Home made Chicken Pie, you have missed something special.

Did you know that we now have 38 people that make a regular financial gift to DCF and 5 churches or companies. These gifts added up to £14,178 per year which is 13.6% of our annual budget.

But why is this so significant? Gifts such as these make DCF much more sustainable and it also helps our cash flow.

If you would like to join this band of supporters, please contact us at info@daylightcf.org or call 01933 446490 or pop in and ask for a standing order form at our reception desk. One off gifts are also welcome and if you pay tax, you can make your donation go further by completing a Gift Aid Form.


Items we are short of

  • UHT Fruit Juice
  • UHT Milk
  • Tins of Fruit
  • Jars of Jam/ meat paste/ Marmite/ Peanut Butter
  • Fruit Squash
  • Mug shots
  • Instant Noodles
  • Puddings, pot jellies, instant and pot desserts
  • Instant Mash Potato
  • Shampoo

Watch out for the scaffolding 

An 8-10 week period of work is taking place on Queens Hall . The scaffolding is due to go up week commencing 16th April.
Further details of the schedule will be announced later in April but the renovation should be complete by the end of June.

Bank Holidays 2018

DCF and the Foodbank will be closed on the following Bank Holidays
Good Friday 30th March
Easter Monday 2nd April
May Day 7th May
Spring 28th May
Late Summer 27th August

And finally
Everyone at DCF would like to thank you for your continued support
Tel. 01933 446490
Email info@daylightcf.org
Reg Charity No. 1100809
Reg Company No. 4625186


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