practical donations

Donations of food, clothing and other goods play a vital part in helping us to deliver essential support day in, day out. Please  note all food must be within the use by date.


Non-perishable foodstuffs including:

  • Anything that comes in a can or jar.
  • Everything a home cook has in their cupboard such as custard powder and gravy granules or salt and pepper.
  • All basic staple foodstuffs such as rice and sugar or tea and coffee.
  • Anything that’s good for a family with young children such as cereals and squash for food parcels for families.
  • Everything that you might choose to eat if you didn’t have access to cooking facilities such as biscuits and instant noodles or anything in a ring-pull can.
  • Bottled water and high energy drinks.


Perishable foodstuffs:

  • Fresh fruit and veg are always welcome.
  • Meat products and bread.


Non foodstuffs:

  • All clothing, clean and ready to wear.
  • Warm clothing for those cold nights.
  • Rags for recycling.
  • Footwear including socks.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Bedding. (Currently we have an access and this item is not required)
  • Towels. (Currently we have an access and this item is not required)
  • Rucksacks and holdalls.
  • Toiletries.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Food storage containers.
  • Small household items suitable for a starter home.


Items Not required by Daylight Centre:

  • White goods and furniture, we don’t have the storage space but we can direct you to organisations that do.
  • Alcohol
  • Any product containing alcohol
  • Children's clothing, toys and games


Deliveries of food, clothing,  recycling and other activities on site are best made here when the centre is open, But deliveries with unloading from a vehicle need to drive into High Street Place. Deliveries can be made between 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.