other organisations

Below is a list of links that you might find useful if you are homeless, addicted or suffering from mental health issues.


substance misuse:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous UK website
  • Aquarius: Midlands charity providing advice and counselling on alcohol and drugs problems.
  • DrinkAware: Alcohol facts and advice on how to cut down.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: Compulsive gambling is an illness which can never be cured, but can be arrested.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: A nonprofit society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.
  • Talk to Frank: See what's available to you when you decide that drugs are a problem in your life.

mental health issues:

  • Mental Health Foundation: The UK’s leading mental health research, policy and service improvement charity.
  • Mental Health in the UK: A great resource for articles released by large charities. Click on 'Info Booklets'
  • Mind - Wellingborough: Creating a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress.
  • NHS Choices: There is no single cause of mental health problems and the reasons they develop are complex.

other community groups:

  • Service Six: Supporting Children, Young People, Adults and Families