mission & vision

People in our society today are often vulnerable, lonely and grappling with complex needs. There are agencies – public and voluntary – that exist to meet those needs but in the current economic climate many of these agencies, including the Daylight Centre, are under increasing financial pressure in meeting the demands on their services.   Nevertheless, there are still significant gaps in the provision of services and the unique role of the Daylight Centre is to fill at least some of those gaps, particularly gaps in time and space.

  • Time to talk and be listened to; time to help unravel complex problems and identify practical steps towards solutions
  • Space that is welcoming, clean and comfortable, inexpensive, without pressure and non-judgemental
  • The Vision of the Daylight Centre is that all members of our society will be valued and know they are valued; and be able to access the support and services they need to achieve this
  • The Mission of the Daylight Centre is to offer time, space and practical guidance to people that enables them to tackle the problems that limit their quality of life.